Weekly Link Love: August 26

Hello and Happy Friday! We’ve all been excited for this Friday, right? And a little sad being the last official week of summer. Well, let’s look forward to this long weekend with no abandon! And here’s what I’ve been reading this week too:

link love

Food: The days of eating fish on the West coast of the United States may be over.

More Food: Kitchen spices have been found to be a major source of salmonella.

Wine: 15 frustrating things about being a wine lover.

More Wine: Wine Enthusiast released its 2013 nominees for American Winery of Year. One of my favorites, Paumanok, (!) on the North Fork of Long Island is on the list.

Travel: Yosemite is burning. And it’s bigger and scarier than imagined. Here’s an image from space.

Books: J.D. Salinger‘s estate claims that five more books are due to be published starting in 2015. And specifically picking up with some of our favorite characters like the Glass family and possibly Holden Caulfield himself!

Writing: There are some new words in the Oxford Dictionary. Get ready for emoji, selfie and srsly…Seriously. Here is a memo using every one of them.

Language: Several dictionaries have added another definition of the word “literally” that means the opposite. How does misuse change the meaning of certain words?

Media: Kevin Spacey eloquently called out television executives for not understanding how we consume our media. “You will be left behind.”

Music: The Beastie Boys plus Librarians equals Sabotage!

Photography: Four sisters are photographed every year for 36 years.

Animals: Sadly, a number of big cats are dying at a Texas sanctuary from a virus, canine distemper. Tacoma was the sixth tiger to die from the disease. More than a dozen others are still battling it.

History: Martin Luther King gave his “I Have A Dream” speech 50 years ago.

Science: Why does honey have an indefinite shelf life?

Genetics: Two fascinating pieces about how our grandparent’s experiences can alter our genes. This piece is about a small town in Sweden. And this piece directly talks about the Irish Famine and the strength of the Celtic gene.

Life: Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson lends advice in comic strip form.

And from The Fiery Redhead this week…

Here is a dish that will make you look like a rock star. A frittata rock star! This Swiss Chard Frittata is just delicious, and really easy to make.

This rosé is a mixture of the earth, sea and sky. A lovely mélange of Provence, right in your glass! This week’s Wine Wednesday is My Essential Rosé.

And I’m Color Inspired by red this week! Fiery and dangerous. All about RED!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy Labor Day!

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